Windows 10 Pro – Retail key for 1PC

Windows 10 Pro – Retail key for 1PC


✔ One-time purchase for 1 PC. Lifetime License
✔ Each product key is only for ONE computer and can be reused on the SAME PC.
✔ Activation keys can be used globally on any Windows 10 Pro language version.

Buy Windows 10 Pro with Instant Delivery at Cheap License

Windows 10 is the latest release from Microsoft in their operating system department. This time, Microsoft focused on releasing fewer versions, unlike they did with Windows 7. The consumer versions that are available to buy are Windows 10 Pro and Home. This helped to reduce the mess between flavours and overcome the paradox of choice.

When you buy Windows 10 Pro you get the most feature-rich release that’s oriented to workstations. Yes, there’s also Enterprise. But they don’t differ that much. The main difference is that Enterprise is conceived for volume activation, useful when you have a computer park or pool. If you buy Windows 10 Pro, you need to activate it individually by purchasing a retail product key.

In 2018, Windows 10 exceeded the market share of Windows 7. But the latter still retains a strong presence in business environments. The problem is that security updates support for Windows 7 ends in 2020, and companies are the ones that most need to be provided with strong and robust security. Also, the hardware support is quite outdated compared to Windows 10. I.e. you don’t have native support for touch screens.

Let’s pretend you’re actually a Windows 10 Home user, but want to make a version upgrade to preserve the features you already use, while incorporating additional ones.

What are the things that Windows 10 Pro can offer to you to motivate the purchase of this version?


This encryption tool has been available since the launch of windows vista, and also remains incorporated when you buy Windows 10 Pro. It currently offers the option to encrypt the boot disk, and also external hard drives or flash drives that get connected via USB. It’s specially useful if you work with your laptop in a cafe, or expose yourself to physical theft of equipment by transporting it to different public places. You only need to remember a password.

Remote Desktop

Althought both Windows 10 Home and Pro can initiate remove desktop connections, only machines with Windows 10 Pro installed can be remotely managed. Windows 10 Home only supports remote assistance, but this feature is pretty limited as it can be operated only in the local network. I.e. you can’t control your Windows Home PC from your house at the work. If you’re an owner of a small business, you should consider to purchase Windows 10 Pro instead of Home.

Hyper-V Support

Not all the business professionals and owners are going to be concerned with virtualization related features. But some enthusiasts, e.g people that need to test preliminary versions of the system, or customized OS images, Hyper-V could be an advantageous feature. Virtualization allows you to create an isolated and secure environment where you can run different operating systems from different companies, not just Microsoft’s ones, as long as you have a valid license or product key -if necessary-. This feature is included natively, but must be enabled manually from Windows Features section, before you’ve checked if the virtualization support is enabled in the bios configuration.

Windows Defender Application Guard

This feature was first restricted to Enterprise versions, then it was later incorporated into Windows 10 Pro version in the April 2018 update. It basically creates a virtual sandbox of your Edge browser, isolating the application. Unfortunatelly, it doesn’t allow to run extensions. If you require them, please continue reading because we talk about another more powerful feature to achieve the same or better result.

Windows Sandbox

Until sandbox, the safest way to surf the web was WDAG. Now, with Sandbox, you can launch a Windows instance, a controlled environment running in your system that doesn’t require a product key, license or anything else to do it’s job. It was first incorporated within the May 2019 update. This is useful to test apps from unknown sources that you might suspect are including malware inside. Sandbox takes a portion of your system resources while running, and when you decide to close it all the changes you have made inside it just vanish. Of course, you can download Chrome or any other app inside that bare-bone installation. Remember that if you download a file, it’s still accesible after you stop working with Sandbox. This is a feature that should be taken note if you plan to buy Windows 10 Pro.

Other features for business

Several of the included features in Windows 10 Pro are notably oriented to the business market. You can join your company or office domain at ease. Group policies can be applied to all the computers which are working with a purchased Windows 10 Pro license. The enterprise mode for IE allows you to run a “legacy” website in an older version of Internet Explorer. An administrator can block the installation of certain Windows Store apps, to make sure that the employees only use those that are authorized. There’s also a feature called Assigned Access. It allows to run only a particular application in a Windows tablet. This can be useful for a setu-up of a kiosk, or to make it childproof.


Notice: This key doesn’t work for version upgrade -from W10 Home or W7- if you have another Windows version installed you need to reinstall your system.

The product key and it’s respective Download Links will be instantly sent to your eMail after checkout gets completed. Please, make sure to have a look at the spam folder too, you may have received it there.

Error code 0xC004C008 while activating? Please contact for a key replacement

What’s next after you’ve purchased your Windows product key with us?

1- When your order gets processed and completed (Less than 5 minutes, the system is automated) you will receive an email from SoftwarePlanet that includes your product key(s) with the proper download links.

2- In case you’re searching for how to create a bootable USB stick with Windows, we have published a tutorial for this purpose by using a well known tool called Rufus that’s available for free. You can read it by clicking on this link or looking at the blog posts.

3- We have also written a tutorial to help you remove the bloatware that is included after the setup process. You can have a cleaner system installation by using Windows 10 Debloater.

If any kind of issue is presented while activating or downloading your files, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide a solution within a brief timespan.

Hardware requirements for Windows 10 Pro

It’s required to have a 1Ghz CPU at least, or a faster one.

The RAM requirement is at least 1GB for 32-bit, and you need 2GB for 64-bit.

Related to hard disk space, it’s neccesary to have 16GB for x86 and 20GB for x86-64.

A graphic card with the DirectX 9.0 API is enough to run the interface.

The display resolution needs to be set at 800×600 or above.

You can find more detailed specifications by looking at Microsoft’s Website