Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise – 1 License for 20 PC/Users

Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise – 1 License for 20 PC/Users


2019 Release. Windows 10 without all the bloatware

✔ One-time purchase
✔ Fast ISO download links provided in English, Spanish and Spanish-MX
✔ All languages supported
✔ Keep in mind that Evaluation version cannot be activated before the 90-day testing period


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Windows 10 LTSC is the long term release of the Windows family. Prior to 2019 release, it was known as LTSB. You can buy Windows 10 LTSC and expect to receive new builds aprox every 3 years, with each release including security updates support for 10 years, unlike the mainstream version that has a semi-anual release with 18-30 months support. So we can say it’s the slowest moving branch of Windows 10 you can purchase.

Having a slower update pace, this has the advantage that when new builds are released, they are far more polished than it’s semi-anual counterpart. So it’s less likely to encounter bugs and issues with hardware. You can enjoy better stability over the time. But, you don’t have early access to the latest feature updates.

Another difference with the main flavours is that when you buy Windows 10 LTSC, it doesn’t come with the UWP Applications preinstalled, like Candy Crush, Edge, Paint 3D, Movies and TV. Also, it comes without the Microsoft Store and Cortana. The experience you have is closer to the old-school Windows, which came only with Win32 classic apps. For example, default tools like Calculator are the same as Windows 7. There’s no “suggested apps”, “try office 365” or “get skype” adverts. You start with a Local account.

Windows 10 LTSC inherits the core of Enterprise version

This version is based on Windows Enterprise, with all the powerful features this core has, and the chance to completely deactivate Telemetry garbage. It’s useful for the Business that are not interested on having the latest -but sometimes untested- features updates and they only want to have the most stable Windows platform to work. These environments are critical, that’s why they can’t afford to encounter unstable updates, or compatibility issues. Long term stability and fewer updates is the key. In some cases, the less the better.

Automatic version upgrade is not supported when you buy Windows 10 LTSC. When a version with new features is released, you only have the chance to upgrade from installation media. There’s no built-in upgrade tool.

The latest build that was released in 2019, includes a set of new features that are mostly planned to suite the needs of mid-size and large organizations. These companies were asking for features that they were expecting to be in the 2016 build and they got implemented this time. This time, they have improved on security features, in the flexibility of the operating system, in the field that is related to updates and support. They can have more control than ever after the purchase of Windows 10 LTSC.

Windows Defender, the classic Microsoft tool that provides protection against threats, now comes with powerful analytics integrated, improved security stack integration, and now the management is centralized to provide better detection, protection, reporting, feedback, and prevention. All this together emphasizes on what Microsoft likes to describe as “attack surface reduction”, preventing access to files and critical areas of the product. There’s also improvements in user-friendliness. The integrated Firewall now incorporates support for Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) processes. Specific rules can be added for this kind of processes like the Windows ones. A new technology called Device Guard for Windows Defender is a collection of features that are combined in order to lock down unauthorized access to a PC. If we talk about Office 365, now there’s ransomware detection. This is good news, and an interesting series of features that can justify the purchase of a Windows 10 LTSC product key, or an Enterprise one.

Windows Defender Security is now called Windows Security Center, and it has accordingly updated it’s interface to be in accordance with the Fluent Design UI parameters. The padding and spacing has been adjusted accordingly. The categories you can find are dinamically sized, in a responsive way. It respects the color configuration from the title bar according to the current selection.

Regarding Bitlocker, now the minimum PIN length can be configured to accept 4 digits. Before it asked always for a minimum of 6 digits, and the default is now 6 digits but with the chance of modifying it.

Windows Update for Business incorporates the ability to pause and remove some updates that could be causing problems, by using Intune. The pause feature has been modified, it asks a start date for setup purposes. The pause limit has also been increased up to 35 days.

Windows Hello is introduced. A new characteristic that provides a better lock-up experience. Now there’s a way to configure a multifactor unlock. Location and proximity signals are used to detect the user. Bluetooth also joins the game, so you can make use of it to lock your device when you’re far from it. This way, you can prevent someone accesing your computer, even if your user password or PIN has been compromised.

Registry Editor has also obtained minor improvements. A dropdown was added to the path bar, now it shows the next part of the route when you’re typing it. By using CTRL+Backspace, you can remove the last word you typed.

A more extended explanation on what’s new in 2019 release can be found in Microsoft’s website.


Notice: This product key only activates on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC. If you want to purchase a key for regular non-ltsc Enterprise , click on «Buy Windows 10 Enterprise».

Unfortunatelly, Windows 10 LTSC doesn’t support upgrade from any Windows version. This version of Windows works only with fresh installation. If you purchase this version, you will need to re-install your current Windows.

Keep in mind that if you’ve downloaded Enterprise Evaluation from Microsoft’s public repository, it won’t allow to be permanently activated before the 90 days testing period. Don’t worry, download links for full version (same as MSDN) will be delivered within your order invoice.

The key will be instantly sent to your eMail after checkout is completed. Download links for 2019 release (1809) will be provided in English and Spanish. Please check the spam or junk mail folder too.

What’s next after you’ve purchased your product key with us?

1- When the order gets completed, you will automatically receive an email from SoftwarePlanet that includes your product key(s) and proper download links.

2- In case you’re looking on how to create a bootable USB stick with Windows, we wrote a tutorial for this purpose by using a well known tool called Rufus that’s available for free. You can read it by clicking on this link or looking at the blog posts.

If any kind of issue is presented while activating or downloading your files, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide a solution within a brief timespan.

Hardware Requirements for Windows 10 LTSC

The system requirements to run LTSC are the same as the mainstream version (Pro or Home)

Processor needs to be at least 1Ghz

1GB of RAM is required for 32-bit, and 2GB for 64-bit.

Free disk space needed is 16GB

With a graphics card that supports Directx9 is enough

More detailed specifications can be found at Windows Support Website