Office 365 5 Devices Account – Product key for 1PC

Office 365 5 Devices Account – Product key for 1PC


✔ Fully installed Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc. 5TB OneDrive (shared) Cloud Storage
✔ You can activate up to 5 devices with one account
✔ Unlimited account with no renewal required
✔ Multi-language and works worldwide


Buy Office 365 lifetime account for 5 devices with Instant Delivery at Software Planet

Office 365 is the cloud version of Office. It can be launched within the browser or you can install it in your desktop to have the classic experience. Office 365 is a paid subscription that can be renewed monthly or anually, but in SoftwarePlanet we bring you the chance to buy an unlimited, lifetime account without renewal fees which allows to activate up to 5 devices.

How it’s possible? Some academic institutions with a big budget can assign an unlimited number of accounts for Office 365 to their students, that also allows them to resell these accounts. This way, you can get an account for cheap that doesn’t have any kind of renewal fees because it’s the institution that asigns you the permission to make use of the Office 365 apps in your account. The disvantage is that you cannot change your name or personal data of the account, because you’re not the system administrator that has permissions to do that. A generic mail is assigned to you so you can login to the account, but you cannot replace it. You’re required to change the generic password provided at first login for security purposes, and this is the step where your lifetime account now belongs to you.
Learn more at «Office 365 wiki».

Do i need to always stay connected in order to use Office 365?

No, you can opt to install the desktop version that allows to use it offline. The next time you decide to connect to internet all of your work syncronizes with the cloud, and you get automatic updates. This is an hibrid environment, so you can stay with the 100% online experience, or a mix of the two that is the desktop one.
You can make use of the usual productivity applications like Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, and much more when you buy an unlimited lifetime account for Office 365.


You receive an email including an Office 365 account with all the Office application permissions assigned by the administrator, along with a generic password that you will need to change at first login in From there you can download a desktop installer or make use of the Office webapps. No activation code or license is required.
The random email and alias assigned to the account cannot be modified, nor will you be able to complete the personal information fields that will remain empty (see screenshots). This subscription wont ask for renewal.
With your account, you can install the desktop application on up to 5 devices. The OneDrive 5TB storage is shared, so it’s probably that when you upload a file it stays in queue.

In case you need to «Install specific office applications» instead of the entire full package, we wrote a tutorial for our customers and for all interested users.

RAM: 4GB, 2GB for 32-bit
Available space: 4GB
Display: 1280×768 HD
Graphics: Directx9 or later
Windows: 10, 8.1, 7 SP1
.NET version: 3.5 or superior