Office 2016 Professional Plus – Product key for 1PC

Office 2016 Professional Plus – Product key for 1PC


✔ One-time purchase for 1 PC
✔ Both 32/64 bit version support
✔ All languages supported
✔ Not a subscription
✔ Fast download links provided in English and Spanish (Google Drive)
✔ Licensed for home and commercial use

Buy Office 2016 with Instant Delivery at Software Planet

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 brings you the classic productivity tools that you already know, but with a twist, this time including new and practical features like the ability to manipulate your files directly in the cloud from your desktop. At SoftwarePlanet, we support tight budgets, so you can buy an Office 2016 key for cheap which still comes with Microsoft support.

Another cool feature that has been incorporated is called Insights. This feature provides you with contextual information from the web, thanks to Microsoft Bing.

This version is also the first you can purchase that provides native support for the SVG vector graphics format.

Unfortunatelly, Office 2016 cannot coexist with 2013 apps. In case it’s needed, you will be prompted to remove any existing installation from Office 2013 during the setup process to continue.

Windows 7 is the minimum system requirement to run this suite, that is also available on 102 languages.

On PC, it was released in five flavours: Home & Student, Home & Business, Standard, Professional, and Pro+. At SoftwarePlanet, we only sell Pro Plus, which is the most complete release available. Cheap Office 2016 keys usually don’t support account binding, but the keys we sell here are simply the best available on the market, so after you make the purchase, you can claim your product key directly on Microsoft’s website.

What are the most groundbreaking features included in Office 2016?

Now, with Microsoft Word, you can edit in real time your documents at the same time with another person. You can allow two or more people to access your document and see the changes that are made into it. This is a feature that has been for a while in Google Docs, but now you can enjoy it when you buy Office 2016. Thanks to cloud storage, this is possible in a way we couldn’t think years ago. No more mess while keeping track of the modifications being done within a document. This is a pretty good feature that could convince you to buy an Office 2016 license.

Powerpoint this time doesn’t come with a great overhaul compared to previous releases, but they introduced a new presentation application called “Sway”. What is Sway?. We know that Powerpoint is meant to create linear presentations. You can put a slideshow between them to make look them more fancy, and you end with a pretty nice slideshow. Including Sway, you can make presentations with more flare. You can include Photos, Youtube videos, Twitter and FB items. But the real benefit here is how this tool formats the content you put in there. It saves you a lot of time of creation so you can spend that time on planning what you need to share to your audience. You should give it a try after you buy Office 2016!

Outlook, in the other hand, is probably the app with the most interesting overhaul of the package. Mainly in features that have to do with collaboration. Microsoft has been studying and deducted that collaboration features are a must have today. The cloud allows this in a way we didn’t expected to see some years ago. Outlook now has the ability to directly insert links from Onedrive, or Onedrive for Business. There’s no need to attach the file this time. In relation to the way you receive emails, you can find the new Clutter feature. Lower priority items are moved out from your Inbox to a distinct folder where you can take a look to them later. This feature learns about your usage habits, it has AI incorporated, that’s great!. So it can prioritize, based on your personal behaviour, what items to show the first time you open the app. If you are subscribed to newsletters, but you don’t open them so often, the AI will notice it and accordingly to this they will be sent to a separate folder, making your inbox less clutery we would say, and leaving space for the things that you prefer to get your attention.

In Excel 2016, the big change is the area related with “business inteligence”. We talk about the tools and processes to help you recover data from sources that differ. You can process them into intuitive information that could help you on taking better decissions related to business projects. I.e Power Query is a tool that allows you to pull data from a range of external sources. You can pull data from sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, or database types like MySql, Azure, Oracle, Sybase, and the list goes on.. The possibility to merge all this data into spreadsheets is a nice way to help you at taking better decisions.

The user interface you can find it’s pretty similar to it’s predecessor, so most of the stuff is unchanged. It keeps the ‘Metro’ design language with which we are already quite familiar.

Do you still remember the old days of Clippy, the animated virtual assistant which appeared first in Office 97? Well, although MS decided to cut if off long time ago, now we have a feature that’s called ‘Tell Me’ which is basically a search bar that allows us to ask for suggestions if we are lost trying to complete some tasks or actions.

A more developed explanation about the changes and features that Microsoft applied in Office 2016 can be found at Microsoft’s website.

Be aware after purchasing: Cannot be used on Mac OS.

The key will be instantly sent to your eMail after checkout is completed. Download links will be provided in English and Spanish. Please check the spam or junk mail folder too.

If you prefer to bind this product key to your account follow these steps

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Sign in with your Microsoft account, or create one if you don’t have one. Be sure to remember this account so that you can install or reinstall Office 2016 later, without a product key.

Step 3: Enter your Office product key, without hyphens.

Step 4: Follow the prompts to finish the redemption process.

Note: If you still have issues while activating, just try at

In case you need to install specific apps instead of the entire full package, we wrote a tutorial for our customers and for all interested users. You can go directly to it by clicking on this link.

If you’re having issues while activating your Office copy, please download and run «Microsoft Office 2016 & 2019 Activation Troubleshooter».

These are the minimum official system requirements to run the suite:

  • 2GB of RAM available
  • At least 1Ghz CPU
  • At least 3GB of HDD/SSD space
  • The screen resolution should be minimum 1280 x 800 (HD)
  • OS Required: Windows 7 SP1 or above
  • Also, the browsers should be updated to the latest version
  • At least, Net Framework 3.5 should be installed, but the prefered one is 4.5
  • A Microsoft account, for activation purposes. You can create one for free. If you registered an Outlook Webmail account, you already have a MS account.

A more extensive explanation can be found at Office 2016 System Requirements